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      [149] Pouchot, Mmoire sur la dernire Guerre.[637] Lvis au Ministre, 13 Juillet, 1758

      or any of the other Trustees would like to visit them, I shall be

      It was the tenth of June before the army was well on its march. Three hundred axemen led the way, to cut and clear the road; and the long 205They followed the road to the broken gate, and making the turn, kept along outside the fence until they got well in the rear of the cottage. Here the faintly marked path worn by Pen crossed the road, and they turned into it. The motor-boat had come to her moorings. Breaking into a sort of staggering run under their burdens they were soon received into the woods.

      The refusal to take the oath without reservation was not confined to the emigrants. Those who remained in the peninsula equally refused it, though most of them were born and had always lived under the British flag. Far from pledging themselves to complete allegiance, they showed continual signs of hostility. In May three pretended French deserters were detected among them inciting them to take arms against the English. [265]

      V1 spiking their cannon and firing off their ammunition or throwing it into the well.

      [458] Rogers, Journals. Report of the Adjutant-General of New Hampshire (1866), II. 158, 159.

      [311] Dr. Perez Marsh to William Williams, 25 Sept. 1755.[248] Mmoires sur le Canada, 1749-1760. This letter is also mentioned in another contemporary document, Mmoire sur les Fraudes commises dans la Colonie.



      V2 with the other sex may learn some civility and mildness of carriage." He got leave of absence, and spent six months in Paris, where he was presented at Court and saw much of the best society. This did not prevent him from working hard to perfect himself in French, as well as in horsemanship, fencing, dancing, and other accomplishments, and from earnestly seeking an opportunity to study the various armies of Europe. In this he was thwarted by the stupidity and prejudice of the commander-in-chief; and he made what amends he could by extensive reading in all that bore on military matters.III. A hot water bottle.


      [740] Pouchot, II. 46.Post after post still brought news of slaughter. The upper part of Cumberland County was laid waste. Edward Biddle wrote from Reading: "The drum is beating and bells ringing, and all the people under arms. This night we expect an attack. The people exclaim against the Quakers." "We seem to be given up into the hands of a merciless enemy," wrote John Elder from Paxton. And he declares that more than forty persons have been killed in that neighborhood, besides numbers carried off. Meanwhile the Governor and Assembly went on fencing with words and exchanging legal subtleties; while, with every cry of distress that rose from the west, each hoped that the other would yield.