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      She stood perfectly motionless, her eyes meeting his steadily.

      You can call it a picnic if you like, he said, and his voice was almost as soft and languid as when he was calling the game. You know what we have come for.As he strode along the perfumed lanes he felt his love for herthe love which had been growing gradually for months past, but which he had only fully realized to-nightsharpening his misery. How beautifully she had looked as she stood before him, with her indignant accusation! Her face haunted and tortured him. There was no one like her in the wide world. The women of his set, with their selfishness and artificiality, seemed hateful to him beside her purity and true nobility. She was a waif of the wilds, no doubt, but all the same she was one of Natures gentlewomen.


      "Wait!" murmured the girl. "I will win yet, if I have to lose--""Hmm!" he mused. "Was that your, eh,--?"


      Callippides had sharp earshe was a sycophantand the distance from the two speakers to the spot86 where he stood was only thirty or forty paces. First he caught one of the slaves words, then more, until at last he distinctly heard her say:


      All these extravagances he cursed out, too witless to see that this same hero of his was the one human being, himself barely excepted, for whose life his sister cared. He charged her of never having forgiven Hilary for making Anna godmother of their flag, and of being in some dark league against him--"hell only knew what"--along with that snail of a cousin whom everybody but Kincaid himself and the silly old uncle knew to be the fallen man's most venomous foe. Throughout the storm the grandmother's fingers pattered soothing caresses, while Flora stood as unruffled by his true surmises as by any, a look of cold interest in her narrowed eyes, and her whole bodily and spiritual frame drinking relief from his transport. Now, while he still raged, she tenderly smiled on their trembling ancestress.