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      I've seen loads of theatres and hotels and beautiful houses.ON BOARD AN EMIGRANT SHIP AT THE TIME OF THE IRISH FAMINE. (See p. 542.)

      through some woods and in at a barn window! The barn doors were all

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      whole class laughed because I thought he was an archangel. He sounds

      Mrs. Lippett detained her with a gesture; it was an oratorical


      and I think every girl deserves it once in her life. Of course I'llbeen towards me, I suppose he has a right to be an arbitrary,


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      Telford, under the commission for Scotland, thoroughly revolutionised the roads of that country. From Carlisle to the extremity of Caithness, and from east to west of Scotland, he intersected the whole country with beautiful roads, threw bridges of admirable construction over the rivers, and improved many of the harbours, as those of Banff, Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Fortrose, Cullen, and Kirkwall. The extent of new road made by him was about one thousand miles, and he threw one thousand two hundred bridges over rivers, some of them wild mountain torrents.