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      "Miss Penny, honey, I got the mos' awfulles' misehy...."

      upholstered the top and moved it up against the window. It's justV2 havoc of succeeding times, have availed to efface it. Men in hundreds toiled for months with lever, spade, and gunpowder in the work of destruction, and for more than a century it has served as a stone quarry; but the remains of its vast defences still tell their tale of human valor and human woe.

      of her family tree there's a superior breed of monkeys with veryWith the utmost precipitation, without orders, and without waiting for Monckton's brigade to come up, the grenadiers in front made a rush for the redoubt near the foot of the hill. The French abandoned it; but the assailants had no sooner gained their prize than the thronged heights above blazed with musketry, and a tempest of bullets fell among them. Nothing daunted, they dashed forward again, reserving their fire, and struggling to climb the steep ascent; while, with yells and shouts of Vive le Roi! the troops and Canadians at the top poured upon them a hailstorm of musket-balls and buckshot, and dead and wounded in 232

      [13] "Sa Majest fait depuis plusieurs annes des sacrifices immenses en Canada. L'avantage en demeure presque tout entier au profit des habitans et des marchands qui y resident. Ces dpenses se font pour leur seuret et pour leur conservation. Il est juste que ceux qui sont en estat secourent le public." Mmoire du Roy, 1693. "Les habitans de la colonie 297 ne contribuent en rien tout ce que Sa Majest fait pour leur conservation, pendant que ses sujets du Royaume donnent tout ce qu'ils ont pour son service." Le Ministre Frontenac, 13 Mars, 1694.I'd hate to think that you ever read it over.

      Pen gasped: "Dad!" and keeled over on a chair. The swoon was perfectly genuine, but she lost consciousness only for the space of a breath, and thereafter her wits worked with the swiftness of desperation. He was deaf to truth, to reason, to sense, very well then, she must use a woman's weapons against him. It was Pendleton's transports of distress that gave her her cue.

      but terribly quick and wiry and tough. While the others are hopping

      The place was full of troops and Canadians in a wild panic. "It is impossible," says Johnstone, "to imagine the disorder and confusion I found in the hornwork. Consternation was general. M. de Vaudreuil listened to everybody, and was always of the opinion of him who spoke last. On the appearance of the English troops on the plain by the bakehouse, Montguet and La Motte, two old captains in the regiment of Barn, cried out with vehemence to M. de Vaudreuil 'that the hornwork would be taken in an instant by assault, sword in hand; that we all should be cut to pieces without quarter; and that nothing would save us but an immediate and general capitulation of Canada, giving it up to the English.'" [787] Yet the river was wide and deep, and the hornwork was protected on the water side by strong palisades, with cannon. Nevertheless there rose a general cry to cut the bridge of boats. By doing so more than half the army, who had not yet crossed, would have been sacrificed. The 303V1 their one, yet they knew their motions were too slow and dilatory to prevent any undertaking of theirs." [135]


      The Iroquois Invasion.


      The Five Nations ? Caughnawaga ? Abb Piquet ? His Schemes ? His Journey ? Fort Frontenac ? Toronto ? Niagara ? Oswego ? Success of Piquet ? Detroit ? La Jonquire ? His Intrigues ? His Trials ? His Death ? English Intrigues ? Critical State of the West ? Pickawillany Destroyed ? Duquesne ? His Grand Enterprise.decorated with evergreens and holly. Jimmie McBride was dressed


      "I have the pleasure to acquaint you that General Braddock came to my house last Sunday night," writes Dinwiddie, at the end of February, to Governor Dobbs of North Carolina. Braddock had landed at Hampton from the ship "Centurion," along with young Commodore Keppel, who commanded the American squadron. "I am mighty glad," again writes Dinwiddie, "that the General is arrived, which I hope will give me some ease; for these twelve months past I have been a perfect slave." He conceived golden opinions of his guest. "He is, I think, a very fine officer, and a sensible, considerate gentleman. He and I live in great harmony."At five in the afternoon they reached Sabbath-Day Point, twenty-five miles down the lake, where 94