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      "Yes," replied Kincaid, "and I'll keep my word. In any extremity you shall come to him."

      With smiting pity he saw her affright. "Go back!" he once more gasped: "In God's name, go back!" while recklessly he stepped forward out of cover. But in splendid desperation, with all her soul's battle in her eyes--horror, love, defiance, and rending chagrin striving and smiting, she sprang after him into the open, and clutched and twined his arms. The blue skirmish-line, without hearing, saw him; saw, and withheld their fire, fiercely glad that tactics and mercy should for once agree. And Anna saw.


      "Ah-h! ah-h!"


      "No, sir," tearfully put in Constance, "we've given our men, we can't sell our beasts."


      Varley smiled again. Taffy brought up the mare presently, and Varley mounted, surrounded by the whole camp. He looked round, with a touch of his old insouciance breaking through the stern determination written in every line of his face, flashing in the dark, somber eyes.XLVIII FARRAGUT