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      1634.Aristeides felt a sudden inspiration.

      The bema is ready, he said, offering Acestor his hand.

      Here he found three of his ships already debarking their troops, guns, and stores. Two officers, Patiflo and Vicente, had taken possession of the dwelling of the Indian chief Seloy, a huge barn-like structure, strongly framed of entire trunks of trees, and thatched with palmetto leaves. Around it they were throwing up entrenchments of fascines and sand, and gangs of negroes were toiling at the work. Such was the birth of St. Augustine, the oldest town of the United States.


      "We don't know," drolly replied Anna.With both hands she clutched Miranda and Victorine, and brightened upon Anna.


      These words fell upon Acestor like a thunder-bolt.190 At hearing his name, his real name, which he had believed concealed from every one, he perceived that all was discovered.To none was this house more interesting than to Flora. In her adroit mind she accused it of harboring ancient secrets in its architecture, shrewd hiding-places in its walls. Now as she stood in the panelled drawing-rooms awaiting its inmates, she pointed out to her seated companion that this was what her long-dead grandsire might have made their own home, behind Mobile, had he spent half on its walls what he had spent in them on wine, cards, and--


      "Like ourselves," she prompted.[72] Le Jeune, Relation, 1633, 16; Relation, 1634, 13.