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      It may, perhaps, be considered natural that obsolete authorities should command the assent of a Church whose boast is to maintain the traditions of eighteen centuries intact. But the Aristotelian reaction extends to some who stand altogether aloof from Catholicism. M. Saint-Hilaire speaks in his preface of theology with dislike and suspicion; he has recently held office in a bitterly anti-clerical Government; yet his acceptance of Aristotles metaphysics is almost unreserved. The same tone is common to all official teaching278 in France; and any departure from the strict Peripatetic standard has to be apologised for as if it were a dangerous heresy. On turning to our own country, we find, indeed, a marked change since the time when, according to Mr. Matthew Arnold, Oxford tutors regarded the Ethics as absolutely infallible. The great place given to Plato in public instruction, and the rapidly increasing ascendency of evolutionary ideas, are at present enough to hold any rival authority in check; still, not only are the once neglected portions of Aristotles system beginning to attract fresh attentionwhich is an altogether commendable movementbut we also find the eminent Oxford teacher, whose work on the subject has been already referred to, expressing himself as follows:

      "A Netherland journalist, who is trying to get news for his paper."She asked what he had thought of doing about it.

      The airplane, selected for its wing-camber and span that gave it a low landing speed and good sustentation, was not fast.74

      Its the phib! Sandy exclaimed.

      Although he was the central figure in an unusual situation, Sandy was more puzzled than enlightened by its surprising development.



      No wonder that the inhabitants were afraid and looked askance at me as they mistook me for a German.


      The loss of effect by the inertia of the pieces acted upon increases with the weight of the work; not only the loss of power, but also the expense of heating increases with the size of the pieces. There is, however, such a difference in the mechanical conditions between light and heavy forging that for any but a heavy class of work there would be more lost than gained in attempting to operate on both sides of pieces at the same time.