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      She laughed.And thus Esmeralda left Three Star Camp.

      Drink it and start on your tale, you blank old fraud! he said. Where did you get the kid?

      Esmeralda smiled absently.

      No, you will not! he said. You could not, Miss Chetwynde. I am glad I have met you to-night; I want to tell you how much I admiredappreciatedyour courage, your presence of mind! Another woman, girl, would have screamed or run away.

      He was silent for a little while; then he was evidently over in Australia; and he rambled on about nuggets, gold-dust, and placers. Suddenly Esmeralda was startled by hearing her own name.Yes, I was howling to the boys.

      "Tabby, there is my offering from the Indies. May it keep you warm when you run out upon your mysterious errands on autumn evenings, as you used to do in my mother's time. Sit down, pray; I have lots to say to you."Good gracious! Lady Wyndover exclaimed again. You frighten me! Do you mean to say that the girl is perfectly odious?




      "Oh, I don't know. It gives a young man too much[Pg 29] liberty," answered Tabitha, shaking her head with a meaning air, as if with a knowledge of dark things in connection with yachts. "He can keep just what company he likes on boardgentlemen or ladies. He can gambleor drinkas much as he likes. There's nobody to check him. Sundays and weekdays, night and day, are all alike to him."