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      The phrase had floated to the forefront of his brain again, right behind his eyes, lighting up with a regularity that was almost soothing, almost reassuring.Presently one of the trains stopped opposite them and a voice called from the locomotive:

      "That's the pumpin'-station," said the "Captain," rising and laying hold of the handles of the carpetbag.

      The ground, soft with autumn rains, was now one great mud broth, and the men were daubed and spattered with it even to their hair. The attackers pressed on the wavering ringone of the fence-builders was hit, and pitched down, taking a post and a whole trail of wire over with himabout thirty yards of fence came down with the pull, and flopped into the mud. The ring broke."Certain? Come right over here to that ranch, and have a drink, and I'll show you, so's you can't be mistaken. I tell you, I'm solid as a rock with him."

      "Don't be cross, Maria," pleaded Annabel. "I didn't know nothin' of it. You know I've been down to see the Robinses, and intended to stay till tomorrer, but something moved me to come home today, and I just happened to take this train. I really didn't know. Yet," and the instinctive rights of her womanhood and her future relations with Si asserted themselves to her own wonderment, "I had what the preachers call an inward promptin', which I felt it my dooty to obey, and I now think it came from God. You know I ought to be with Si as soon as anybody," and she hid her face in her hands in maidenly confusion.

      There was a general giggle, and a chorus of exclamations at such unpatriotic and unwomanly perfidy. Shorty's appetite fled.

      their hopes that you will soon be back with us. We all miss


      The boys swelled up visibly at the news.



      "Sergeant Josiah Klegg.