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      Fitted into the clock, in such a way that they could be removed, were a series of long tubes with valve-like endings. The Doctor had removed one or two of these and examined them very closely, but he could not arrive at any idea of their purpose.

      "I may lose track of him! If I lose track of him I may have to go through a long life not knowing whether he is dead or alive.""Take it, and welcome, sir," he said. "I shall have my hands full for the next day or two, and anyway there is no hurry."

      "There's only one woman for me, and that is the woman who will marry me. Nay, don't lecture me, Mrs. Masters. I perceive the admonishment leaping to your eye. I am determined to approach this question of matrimony in the spirit of levity which you admit is my good or evil genius. Life is a comedy, and in order to shine in it one must assume the r?le of the buffoon who rollicks through the scenes, poking fun at those sober-[Pg 120]minded folk upon whose earnestness the very comedy depends. I will marry in jest and repent in laughter."Another condition of apprenticeship that is equally as difficult to define as the commercial value of mechanical knowledge, or that of apprentice labour, is the extent and nature of the facilities that different establishments afford for learners.

      Of course the police knew nothing. Sarcastic remarks were made at their expense. Other papers hinted at startling disclosures to be made at the adjourned inquest. There were many startling rumours contradicted as soon as they were made.

      Ferry saluted with his straight blade.


      "We'll call it yours now," he replied. "Kendall picked it up, but he has no need of it."


      [37]She resigned me almost with scorn; which privately amused me, and, I felt sure, hoodwinked the aide-de-camp.


      Mr Ransome of Ipswich, England, where this system of template moulding originated, has invented a process of fitting templates for gear wheels and other kinds of casting by pouring melted white metal around to mould the fit instead of cutting it through the templates; this effects a great saving in expense, and answers in many cases quite as well as the old plan.Lawrence rose and took his leave. He dropped in at the nearest telephone call office and late as it was rang up Isidore. The latter was waiting.