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      "TOMORROW'S Sunday, ye know," said the Orderly of Company Q one Saturday night at roll-call."I don't see why you have to go against your obvious interests," he complained.

      "I can't take gifts from you," said Pen coldly. "I've earned this money, haven't I? You promised it.""I can find it."

      The night came on muggy and still and Pen was attacked by a fresh anxiety. For clouds of mosquitoes arose. She pictured Don fainting with hunger and thirst, and unable even to make a smudge for fear of betraying himself, vainly attempting to protect himself from the insects. In life I loved to see it wave

      where we expect a big fite. There's bin fitin' goin'


      "I'm an American citizen," said the man proudly, "the same as the rest of you. My religion is Hebrew. I don't know and don't care what your religion is. Every man has the religion that suits him. My name is Rosenbaum. I did sell cloth in Posey County, unt all over Indianny. It was good cloth, too, unt I sold it at a bargain."


      "You a spy," said Si derisively. "You couldn't spy for sour apples. Them big feet o' your'n 'd give you dead away to anybody that'd ever seen you before."