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      He held up apologetic hands, and spoke in baby voice."Now, what think you of this?" demanded the abbot, when he had finished.

      "I do believe," returned the baron, in a more subdued voice than mortal had ever heard from him before; and he approached the child, who was nestling close to Margaret, and looking around with an abashed but inquisitive countenance."Oh, don't you worry," said the lady blandly; "I like listening to you, and I was only waiting till you'd stopped before I introduced myself."

      HIOGO (KOBE). HIOGO (KOBE)."There's where you don't understand the science of storms," said the captain smiling. "In the northern hemisphere typhoons, cyclones, and[Pg 316] hurricanesthey are all the samewhirl from left to right, that is, they turn like the hands of a watch, while in the southern hemisphere their motion is exactly the reverse. When we think we are in the sweep of a typhoon in these waters, we run with the wind on our starboard, or right hand, and that course will take us away from the centre. In the southern hemisphere we run with the wind on the port, or left hand, with the same result. But we'll go to dinner now and be happy, for the danger is over."

      [Pg 24]"Yes, master, but I think they are in bed, and may be have forgotten to rake the ashes over the fire."

      As the ship went on, the mountain grew more and more distinct, and by-and-by other features of Japanese scenery were brought into view. The western horizon became a serrated line, that formed an agreeable contrast to the unbroken curve they had looked upon so many days; and as the sun went down, it no longer dipped into the sea and sank beneath the waves. All on board the ship were fully aware they were approaching land."Maybe it seems right enough to you now?"and Reuben pointed to the blazing stacks.



      Im not even quite certain if I do dislike him, she said.


      Let me know when she comes, he said. I might be able to find her some job, if she still wants work. Perhaps your mothers death has made her independent.