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      The duke was the first witness, and when he had written his name rather shakily, he turned to the bride and kissed her, and they all saw that there were tears in his eyes.

      Oh, didnt I? he said, modestly. It was a very nice letter, in the most beau-ti-ful language, intimating that I and Taffy, and the rest of us, were the saviors of our country, or something to that effect. MacGrath wanted to have it framed and stuck up in the Eldorado, and so I took it away from him and put it where it couldnt do any damagein the fire. The boys are quite vain enough already; if that letter were left lying around theyd want to build a church, or a jail, or some highfalutin institution of that kind.

      Its broken! he said, simply.Yes. When we found the note we made a collection, and could only scrape up about fifty pounds. Unfortunately, the bank agent had taken all the gold from the camp the day[316] previously. So Varley started off for Wally-Wally to get the balance, and he was to take the two hundred to a place called the Raven Claim to-night. Its a tremendous ride, and some of the boys are in deadly fear that he wont do it; but Ill back Varley. They wanted to surround the place in a body, but I dissuaded them from that course. I felt sure that Simon would take precautions. I was afraid that any attempt to rescue you might place you in danger.


      Norman drew a long breath of relief. They rode on in silence, the dull thud of the horses hoofs breaking the deep[296] silence of the night. As they approached Dogs Ear they heard the baying of dogs, then saw lights moving to and fro. It was evident that the camp had been made aware of their approach.

      Yes, she said, if Ive got to go. But youll soon have me back, and then youll be sorry enough you sent me away.Do you think I might go up to Esmeralda, Trafford? she said. Ada has offered to stayshe is so good and kindand I could come back this evening.


      Esmeralda glanced over her shoulder at the lake as they drove away, and the thought of the woman who had preferred death to a loveless life haunted her for more than a mile. Then they came in sight of the sea, and the vision of the white figure fled before the glorious view.


      Amidst this crew of good-natured desperadoes Esmeralda grew up. If she had been a princess instead of a waif and stray of a diggers camp, she could not have been more tenderly cared for than she was by Mother Melinda, who lavished upon the child the maternal affection which had been pent up for years; and, as for the diggers, they simply worshiped the child, their pride and delight in her knowing no bounds. It was true that Varley Howard had won her, and was by right of acquisition her adoptive father: but the whole camp also adopted her, and evinced their pride in her by votive offerings of the most extravagant kind.[147]