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      No motive remaining for farther advance, the party set out on their return, attended by a fleet of forty canoes bound to Montreal for trade. They passed the perilous rapids of the Calumet, and were one night encamped on an island, when an Indian, slumbering in an uneasy posture, was visited with a nightmare. He leaped up with a yell, screamed, that somebody was killing him, and ran for refuge into the river. Instantly all his companions sprang to their feet, and, hearing in fancy the Iroquois war-whoop, took to the water, splashing, diving, and wading up to their necks, in the blindness of their fright. Champlain and his Frenchmen, roused at the noise, snatched their weapons and looked in vain for an enemy. The panic-stricken warriors, reassured at length, waded crestfallen ashore, and the whole ended in a laugh.Well then, replied Thuphrastos, Ill give you a son-in-law and, by the gods, a better one than that chatterer.

      [40] Gallatin erroneously places the Andastes on the Alleghany, Bancroft and others adopting the error. The research of Mr. Shea has shown their identity with the Susquehannocks of the English, and the Minquas of the Dutch.See Hist. Mag., II. 294.

      Religious festivals, councils, the entertainment of an envoy, the inauguration of a chief, were all occasions of festivity, in which social pleasure was joined with matter of grave import, and which at times gathered nearly all the nation into one great and harmonious concourse. Warlike expeditions, too, were always preceded by feasting, at which the warriors vaunted the fame of their ancestors, and their own past and prospective exploits. A hideous scene of feasting followed the torture of a prisoner. Like the torture itself, it was, among the Hurons, partly an act of vengeance, and partly a religious rite. If the victim had shown courage, the heart was first roasted, cut into small pieces, and given to the young men and boys, who devoured it to increase their own courage. The body was then divided, thrown into the kettles, and eaten by the assembly, the head being the portion of the chief. Many of the Hurons joined in the feast with reluctance and horror, while others took pleasure in it. [25] This was the only form of cannibalism xl among them, since, unlike the wandering Algonquins, they were rarely under the desperation of extreme famine. (v*) Denonville au Ministre, 1686.

      Military Frontier.The Canadian Settler.Seignior and Vassal.Example of Talon.Plan of Settlement.Aspect of Canada.Quebec.The River Settlements.Montreal.The Pioneers.

      Then came again the ominous question,151 A considerable reinforcement came out with Montmagny, and among the rest several men of birth and substance, with their families and dependants. "It was a sight to thank God for," exclaims Father Le Jeune, "to behold these delicate young ladies and these tender infants issuing from their wooden prison, like day from the shades of night." The Father, it will be remembered, had for some years past seen nothing but squaws, with papooses swathed like mummies and strapped to a board.



      archives of the seminary.


      what happened to it.The Mississippi is called "Missisipi, ou Rivire Colbert;" the Missouri, "Grande Rivire des Emissourittes, ou Missourits;" the Illinois, "Rivire des Ilinois, ou Macopins;" the Ohio, which La Salle had before called by its [Pg 484] present name, "Fleuve St. Louis, ou Chucagoa, ou Casquinampogamou;" one of its principal branches is "Ohio, ou Olighin" (Alleghany); the Arkansas, "Rivire des Acansea;" the Red River, "Rivire Seignelay," a name which had once been given to the Illinois. Many smaller streams are designated by names which have been entirely forgotten.


      I know Phorion only in the market, the arcades, and other places where men daily meet in Athens. He has never spoken of his family.