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      And now, what should he do? Should he go into the drawing-room and take Norman by the throat? Should he proclaim his wifes dishonor before the brilliant mob there?

      But--what! Could that be the clock again, and had she slumbered? "Three, four," murmured the clock. She slipped from her bed and stole to the window. Just above the low, dim parapet, without a twinkle, the morning star shone large, its slender, mile-long radiance shimmering on the gliding river. In all the scented landscape was yet no first stir of dawn, but only clearness enough to show the outlines of the camp ground. She stared. She stared again! Not a tent was standing. Oh! and oh! through what bugling, what rolling of drums and noise of hoofs, wheels, and riders had she lain oblivious at last? None, really; by order of the commanding general--on a private suggestion of Irby's, please notice, that the practice would be of value--camp had been struck in silence. But to her the sole fact in reach was that all its life was gone!Her bosom heaved, and her eyes, dry and burning, gazed vacantly at the sky, now reddening with the setting sun.


      No, to-night! she exclaimed, rising with a sudden light in her eyes. I want it all over at once. I want to go back to the old life this minute. Im longing to see them all, to look upon the faces that dont smile and smile at you while they stab you in the back, to see, once more, honest men, with too much grit in them to buy and sell women, to deceive a girl because she is a girl and is ignorant of the ways of the world! Take me to them now, at once, Varley!

      She trembled; she was face to face with a terrible situation.

      Hes young as yet miss; and you mustnt ask too much of him, if you please, he said to Esmeralda.

      Mother Melinda laughed againchuckled, rather.What do you want with her? he asked, hoarsely.


      "And so will we all!" said Madame, also to Flora; and Flora, throwing off a look of pain, explained to Anna, "He is so good to my brother!"Ah, yes! said Lady Wyndover; they are old friends. She is very pretty, isnt she? They say that it was thought that Lord Trafford and she would make a match of it.


      He stood looking at her, yet scarcely seeing her. He did not know how to break the otherand far worsenews to her."For Charlie and Flora!" called Anna. They could not stir "themselves" for the crush; but yonder, on Moody's side, the same kind citizen noticed before had taken matters in hand:


      "My dear, I will tell you," began Anna, but the seeker of advice was not quite ready for it.